This is a question I would like to send out there to all my readers. As many of you know I am a parent and I have a child in grade school. Who often tells me I am always pushing to hard! What does this mean? Do we not want our children to be better then we were when we were young? I really don’t push as hard as I have heard some people pushing their kids, let me take a few minutes to explain this.

Our kids are going to school and they may enjoy sports or other out of school activities. A lot of these programs require our kids to put in long hours after school so that we can have a winning team or to make our kids ready to accept a scholarship for their sport. As our kids are doing all of this to really please us, they may at times fall behind on their school work, because they do not have enough time to catch up on reading or homework that they need for their classes. So how do some parents respond to the drop in their progress grades? Why not take away their cell phones, their TV, their friends and even their computer? Why not? Because now we are punishing our kids for doing what we are asking of them in the first place, DO WELL AT YOUR ACTIVITIES FOR YOUR POSSIBLE SCHOLARSHIP. 

If your kids are into sports and this is a great thing, don’t also push them to be a straight A student. Keeping their GPA anything above a 3.0 is great if they are also using their time for other activities. 

I have a very close friend that is putting their child through this now and we have noticed that this young person is becoming with drawn from others and just looks tired all the time! I think I have more energy and I am 43.

Please always sit back and think, am I pushing my kids to hard. They have a lot of years left in front of them and if you ever wanted to turn a child off from going to college, just keep pushing them when they are in High School. Would you want to do this all over again after reaching the age of 18 and you can go off on your own? I didn’t think so.

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