Now everyone knows the price that it costs you today to go to the movies. And then there is the price for the snacks that we must have whenever we go into the movie, popcorn, drinks and now I am getting hooked on Nachos.

Why is it that every time I go to see a movie, PG13 or an R rating. People feel that they have this great need to bring their children. Now I am the first to say that kids are great I have my own. But there are just some places that I would rather not hear them crying and yelling; and the movie that I just paid for would be one of those places.

Next why is it that there are people out in the World walking around with a cell phone have no Cell Phone Manners? There was this guy a few rows behind my wife and I, who took his phone out and made an out going call! What a jerk this guy was, did he forget and think he was watching a movie at home or something. I think that the movies should become like the pubs during the old west, instead of checking our 6 shooter at the door, maybe we should check our Cell Phones and then be given it back at the end of the movie? For my wife and I, we have always made it a habit to leave our Cell Phones in the car. If we miss a call there is a little invention called Voice Mail.

If you are old enough, remember back when you would leave the house and just be out. We all have an answering machine at home, I think that anyone calling us could wait for a call back when we get back in.

So the next time you are going to go out to the movies, may I suggest, that you pick up a bottle of wine and a few candles and rent a nice relaxing movie and watch it at home with your spouse.

By jokorn

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