Day Three No Internet Cell No Social Media

Well day three has been a little easier then the other two. I have not felt any withdraw or any other draw backs from not using social media. It does feel like I have more time at the computer because I am not reading Face Book, Google Plus or Twitter.

Now the down side I realized today is that Twitter is where I get most of my current news let me explain, My wife normally watches that local news every morning as well as I use to but along came Twitter. Now she will be watching the news and ask me if I have seen some story and my response is normally I read that on Twitter. I enjoy reading the news on Twitter because I avoid all the commercials which means my time is better spent.

Okay now for my confession! When I came home from work we found that there was a Internet outage. I called the ISP and they reported that there is a wire down and it is being corrected. So I decided I would mow the lawn. After cutting the grass I returned to the computer to find still no Internet. And I did it I broke my own rule for this week “No Cell Internet”. I pulled out my IPhone and checked my email using the 3G connection. So is Internet on a cell phone a absolute must? I can’t say that yet but did it pull me out in the time of need? Yes nice backup. I had one of my online students email me with some questions and without missing a beat I was able to help the student and get them back on track.

Well let’s move into day 4 more reporting coming tomorrow.


Day Two Living In the Past No Cell Internet or Social Media

Well after day two I can say my arm already seems less tired at the end of the day from not picking up the phone and lifting it to see if I have any important messages.

Okay not so much true but I feel a little less stressed because I am not checking for urgent emails all day or looking at social media and worrying about what my friends are doing in their lives.

Have I missed any important emails or messages? NO! I am a technology director and I have access to a computer where ever I turn anyway so I just check my email where ever I may be at any given time.

Do I miss the social? Not as much as I thought I would. I miss seeing my friends and groups pictures they are taking but on a real note I don’t miss all the drama that everyone want to create on the social¬†circuit. If my mom wants to talk to me she will just call like she use to.

I will report back tomorrow for day three of my week long test.