I am testing a demo of this new Acer Aspire One. This is a 8.9 inch screen which a lot of people say is to small. I have to agree it would be nice to see the 10″ model. The key board takes a little time to get used to, I am still hitting keys that I didn’t want to hit. The speed seems to be alright as long as you don’t think this will be a gaming machine. This machine weighs only 2 lbs. which makes it nice to take to meeting or maybe on a plane as you travel the World.

Posting this is being done on this little laptop and I am still hitting keys I really didn’t want to hit but I am getting this post done.

This laptop is running Windows XP home. I know for business you need to change this to XP Pro so that it will connect to your domain controllers.

Is it worth the $300.00 price tag? I think that it is a nice addition to my collection of computers. I enjoy a demo but you really can’t install much on it. I want to try it with video chat and it comes ready with a built in web camera. I will let you know how this goes.

Stop at a staples near you and play with this little let’s call it the computer pocket buddy!

E-Mail me if you have any questions about this little laptop.

By jokorn

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