beaverlife What happened to the American Family. I often think about this during the Holiday season. With the divorce rate through the roof and today’s children having multiple families what happened to the times of the past? Today our children, mine included have 2 houses to goto over the Holiday season. As I travel in and out of the malls I spend time looking at people and wonder just what home life they may have. It’s still funny to me to watch these old movies like (Leave it to Beaver and It’s a Wonderful Life and even the Waltons) even knowing they are made up for the TV world was the actors and actresses the same way when they went home at the end of the night? The term family has really changed over the decades but I am sure as long as our children our truly loved by both parents they will turn out just fine. Just remember this Holiday season that this is the time for giving of our selfs and our time to others. Have a safe and Happy Holiday Season!

By jokorn

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