When I was out today and sitting in bumper to bumper traffic I had to ask my self is there really a RECESSION going on in the US? This is a picture that I snapped while I was stuck in the traffic mess at one of our local malls here in PA. I also made a trip to Best Buy which is a electronics sells store only to find that the check out lines went from the front of the store to the back. When I made it to the front of the line I was greeted by what I want to call a traffic cashier who was directing the line to any open register. The way I see it is that money is moving, or I may be mistaken and people are just digging themselves further into the pits of debut?

Yes its the Holiday season, time to give more money then we earn! Why do we do this year after year? If you have the answer then please post it into the comments. Have a safe and Merry Christmas.

By jokorn

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