Well I tried and tried to like the Magic Jack. But in the end I had to return it to get the refund.

I just could not stand trying to make calls and nothing happened, no ringing just nothing.

I know that $20.00 a year is a real money saving but you want the product to work correctly at least to make phone calls from.

I am sticking to Skype for my out going calls at this point. I am in search for a good home type of phone to use with Skype.

Until I get this figured out I guess MA BELL is still getting my hard earned cash, my last bill coming in at $202.00 for a month! AHHHHHHH!

Back to trying to get Linux to work on this laptop. I am writing this using SUSE 11.1, but I am getting ready to reload it with Mepis. Trying to get the wireless to work right from a install disk.

Best of luck and have a great day!

By jokorn

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