I have been investing some time is using the Internet to watch my favorite TV programming. I have found many shows on this great FREE yes I said FREE site: HULU. I have also found that a lot of shows can be found on their networks web sites such as CBS and NBC. Many of these sites post the shows the day after they are on TV.

So what does all of this mean? I turly think that normal TV the way we know it today will go away. Not the shows but how they are delivered to us. If you have a High Speed Internet connection then why not use it to save your self some money by not paying for cable or other forms on brining this programming into your house.

We also recently bought a new TV and I was happy to find that I could plug a VGA cable like the one coming from your monitor directly into the back of the TV. You can buy a small computer for about $500.00 and connect this directly to your TV and have your TV programming come right into your living room.

Yes technology is GREAT and it gets even better when we can use technology to save money for other items in our house hold budgets.

Well it is that time of the day when I need to get some sleep. I will attempt to create more postings on this blog in the future. I just always want it to be information someone wants to read. I don’t want to post just to post. GOOD NIGHT.

By jokorn

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