New Studio Look

I have been working today to redesign my studio. I had it setup more for live shows and less for real work. I have been looking at my video work lately and have been thinking I need better direction? I am setting stuff up for more of a working editing station then a live show station. This is what I have so far. Need to order some longer cables because of moving my mixer.



Photography Studio

In searching for a Photography Studio I am learning a lot more about business. It is more then just buying your camera and lights and picking a name and hanging a sign that says OPEN! Business license? Tax Papers? Local Fees? Insurance? Furniture? Utilities? and on and on and on! Ahhhhhhh!

Okay this is what every business goes through but it is really hard to open a business. This is a SMALL business can you imagine how hard it would be to open a factory?

For anyone keeping track I am still looking at a few possibilities out there I want to make the RIGHT choice on location and traffic. I also have to be careful on some other thoughts running through my head.

Well back to the paper work and getting some items ready for the mail.