Well everyone looking for DSL in Atlasburg we were once again overlooked. I am starting to feel like the land for misfit toys! Cherry Valley is now reporting that DSL is up and running to all homes in Cherry Valley. Yes I know we do live on the main drag of Route 18 and Cherry Valley is down in the woods but somehow they got the service and we did not.

I have been telling my wife we need to sell this house and move to some place where we can get cable internet and then get Vonage and drop Verizon like a hot patato!

They keep saying we will have DSL by the end of the year, hey I wonder if any of them noticed that the end of the year is very near! Of course like I have been telling my friend next door, they never said the end of what year.

I have lived in Atlasburg now for 4 years and our township supervisors should have been able to do something by now.

Well I guess we wait again and see what is coming. For now I will continue to pay $6.95 a moth for my Internet access and sit and watch my screen load web pages while my friends are watching full videos on there computers.

Hey is there anyhouses for sell in Cherry Valley?

By jokorn

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