Self Employed Or Working For Others

Self Employed

I like many of you reading this may have struggled with this topic at one time or another? Working for someone or setting off on your own. Years ago I had a very successful business but like many businesses, I was doing something that was to soon. I started my own Internet provider company around 1998. Now if you think back to 1998 you might recall that the Internet was no big deal. Most people had AOL and were happy playing online games hosted by one company. I was running a small three phone bulletin board our of my apartment before setting off to build the next big thing. At that time I would go out to sell a website and every business owner asked me what would they want one of those for? But when I ran this company I was still working full time as a Paramedic.

After selling off the business because the big guns of Comcast and Verizon were getting into the Internet game we could not compete. But I still had my full-time job to fall back on.

I did later take a new job full-time working for schools at the Technology Director. But as things go sometimes even a forever job is not forever. That is what brings us to today’s post.

Self-employment is a way for you to secure your own future. I never heard of anyone laying their self off from their own business. Okay, one name comes to mind of someone who started a company only to be put out by the very people who he hired, Steve Jobs. But he returned later with fresh eyes and made it one of the richest companies in the world.

But self-employment brings its own stresses and let downs. You may be your own boss but you have to be willing to worry about something 24/7/365. But for years since being in the technology field, I always seem to be doing work at home in off hours for the company I am with. I guess it is just how I am wired or maybe its because I owned my own business I know how important it is to keep all of the technology running smoothly all the time?

If you watch Shark Tank you will hear this statement. “If you work full time and try to have a business the business becomes more of a hobby then a real business.” So I would say if you are self-employed or you are leaning that way you should be ALL IN. We all love a safety net in our lives but when you are ALL IN you will be focused every minute of every day on growing your business.

I would like to hear your thoughts on being self-employed and what it means to you?


Will Retail Stores Be A Part Of History


Will retail stores become a part of history? There was a time when I was young that we would shop in a local town. All of the stores were lined up on both sides of the street. On a nice warm day you would find shoppers walking from store to store maybe eating ice cream cones and chatting to one another. Then came the shopping malls. Someone had a great idea to put all of those stores under one roof. Now if it was raining or even cold and snowy you would find shoppers walking through the halls. The malls killed off the local town shopping and many of the local mom and pop stores went of our business. Then came this little thing that everyone fell in love with, the Internet.

The Internet when it was young brought us news and resources to find information. Then a few people came along with a bright idea. They felt they could sell products to people and ship them to their front door. I think this plan really worked because of one main factor, TIME. People are working more and just don’t have time to go shopping anymore. Now you can go online find what you want and have it shipped to your house without ever leaving the comfort of your home. Well it has caught on to the point the malls are beginning to close down. Stores are closing at a rapid pace look at the big retailers, K-Mart, Sears, Macy’s, Dick’s and many others are closing their doors. Even though people are saving money online it is costing jobs all over the place.

I guess we can never go backwards. To tell the truth I do both, I shop online and also go out to the malls. My wife loves to shop or just look around. I enjoy watching people and chatting to new people at the malls. When was the last time you ever met or talked to someone on Amazon?


Amazon Prime More Then Free Shipping

Amazon Prime

It’s funny that people today pay for something and don’t even know what they are really getting for their money. This is why I wanted to bring you a little insight into Amazon Prime. When I ask anyone if they have Amazon Prime they say, yes I love the free shipping. Then I tell them that they get more then just free shipping they always ask what? I have to admit when I first signed up for Amazon Prime I thought it was only free shipping also but then I did a little digging.

First is something I use every time I sit at a computer. Amazon streaming music service What is the streaming music service? If you ever used Pandora and thought it would be better without all the commercials, you will love Amazon’s streaming music service. It is just song after song. You can still create your own stations and play lists. You can also choose from many stations already created. And best of all no commercials and it is included with your prime membership. There is an app for about every device you own.

Do you have a Nexflix account? If you are like many people today you would say yes. Well if you have Amazon Prime you also get their streaming movie service. There is a lot of free movie content and some Amazon only features that you will find on their service. I have to admit it is not as good as Netflix. I think it is still very young and needs some work on the free content. There is however a lot of new movies available for rent on the service. One misconception with this service is that you need an Amazon Fire Stick to watch the content. You can watch on your computer, tablet or Apple TV and even Roku box.

The final information I want to give to you about Amazon Prime is not everything for sell on Amazon is included in the free shipping. Make sure you watch when you are buying anything that is says PRIME. If not you might be buying from someone who is going to charge you for shipping. And if you don’t have Prime you might want to wait until the Christmas season. It seems to me that they always have a special price to get you started.


Proofs From Publisher


My proofs are in from the publisher. I have found a few issues that I have to correct. It is a great feeling having this in my hands after working on it for a year. It proves to me that writing does take time. You start with free writing, where you get your thoughts onto the page. Then there is the clean up. Then you have to have a few reads to dig into the details.

Once I get my final touches on the book and have a few test readers read the book I will be able to have a release date. But for now I am enjoying sharing the pics of my first run copies of the book.

Little about the story. This is a look into what can happen when a really good family meets evil. I started this story just like anyone else does with an idea. I was walking in the mall one day watching as people walked by. I turned to my wife and asked her what she thought of an idea for a book? She turned to me and said that it sounded like a really good idea for the book. So I went home that evening and began writing Random Numbers.

I am not sure yet how to dig up test readers? Keep watching this blog also please drop me a comment if you would like to be considered.


Was I Hacked Or Not?


If you tried to visit my site over the past few days it might have been down? I was e-mailed from my hosting company and they told me they found a virus on my site. They really didn’t have the time to fix the site. I was out of town at a conference. When I did have sometime to look at the site I found it down. I don’t know how long it was off line.

Once I got home I was able to dig into the issue. I was able to re-upload the entire word press blogging site. Once I did that the site came back to life. I feel very lucky.

I can say I am still not sure of what happened. I think that their virus scanners caught an old file and flagged it. One thing that is good I have no one who logs into this site. There are no members to worry about. The main thing is the site is back up and the reviews will once again be live.


First Book Now In Six Languages

It is wonderful for me to see how far my latest book / short story is reaching out. Now covering six different countries. I had one email that asked me how I typed all of those different languages. I would be some kind of author if I could pull that off.

The truth is that our publishers take care of this work for us. This is why the publishers are so valued in the writing circles.

You can still pick up a copy of my latest book for only $1.99 in Kindle format. If you don’t have a Kindle search you smart phone of tablet for the Kindle app and then you can access my book.

To buy the book please visit here: Buy A Remembered Day



The Minimum Wage

In the World we live in there is something known as the minimum wage. This is the lowest wage that any employer is allowed by law to pay someone in a starting low scale type of job. These jobs are normally reserved for our youth who are just learning about working and living at home. These jobs I think were designed to be a hard ass job that our youth will not want to be stuck in all of their lives and understand the importance or getting a good education and moving onto bigger and better paying jobs. I know college people with degrees that are not making $15.00 an hour.

But it appears to me now that there are many people out there who thought these jobs are the greatest in the World. Or they just had no motivation to get anything better? Any way they are now tired of seeing people who worked their asses off trying to better their selves to make a better wage have more then they do. And now for some strange reason the President is saying that the minimum wage should be raised? Is the president really trying to help the economy or trying to kill it off and close so many small businesses?

Should all of American workers who are making minimum wage be making $15.00 an hour or more? HELL NO! Should the minimum wage be raised maybe to $8.00 an hour?

In the end if you are making minimum wage do your self a favor and get some education and find your self a career where you can make some real money.