In the World we live in there is something known as the minimum wage. This is the lowest wage that any employer is allowed by law to pay someone in a starting low scale type of job. These jobs are normally reserved for our youth who are just learning about working and living at home. These jobs I think were designed to be a hard ass job that our youth will not want to be stuck in all of their lives and understand the importance or getting a good education and moving onto bigger and better paying jobs. I know college people with degrees that are not making $15.00 an hour.

But it appears to me now that there are many people out there who thought these jobs are the greatest in the World. Or they just had no motivation to get anything better? Any way they are now tired of seeing people who worked their asses off trying to better their selves to make a better wage have more then they do. And now for some strange reason the President is saying that the minimum wage should be raised? Is the president really trying to help the economy or trying to kill it off and close so many small businesses?

Should all of American workers who are making minimum wage be making $15.00 an hour or more? HELL NO! Should the minimum wage be raised maybe to $8.00 an hour?

In the end if you are making minimum wage do your self a favor and get some education and find your self a career where you can make some real money.

By jokorn

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