This is my last day in the forties as my wife likes to remind me. Now that I am creeping to the age of 50 it is funny my mind still wants to work and act like I am twenty, but then my body catches up and reminds me that I am not twenty any longer.

So many people mostly older people always tells you that you are still young, or they say if I were as young as you! Really I still feel that fifty is very old. I watch now as our kids are in the work force and finishing their college carriers or starting them. Yes fifty is old!

But I am not letting this older age get me down. I am signed up for new college courses my self and I can’t wait to get started. If you have been reading this blog, you will notice that I am a aspiring writer. I still have my day job, but I have always loved the craft of writing and bringing words together to maybe enhance or just make someone else’s day a little better. I have published Non-Fiction and now I am taking a crack at fiction.

I am also planning on putting a twist on my fiction. I hope you keep up with this blog as I post once in a while.

So am I going to allow fifty to get me down. I don’t think so I think fifty is the new ya FIFTY! I never buy into the crap that fifty is the new twenty or sixty is the new thirty! This is crap! fifty id fifty and your age is your age. As we get older we become very wise.

By jokorn

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