Writing A New Book

Writing fiction is something I have always wanted to do. Now having my first book in the publishing stage I have began pounding away and my new short story. I would love to write a full novel but it seems to me that I tend to rush my stories and push them to the end to quick.

I don’t really enjoy writing filler as much as I enjoy telling the story. I enjoy writing books more as short stories. These stories are focused on ten to twelve chapters. I hope to capture the many people in life that I hear from that always have these statements. I have no time to read or books take to long to get through.

I will be posting soon my first published book in the hopes that you will pick up a copy.




First Short Story Submitted

My first short story has been submitted for publication. It is also entered into a contest. I am writing mainly fiction but also write daily on my Tech Blog non-fiction.

Writing daily keeps my fingers on the keyboard and keep you mind pumping out words. This in turn keeps your thoughts churning away.

I am still taking more creative writing classes, building my credits one at a time. I figure all I have left is time and I never know how much. I might as well do something that I have always wanted to do.

I also love to teach. Maybe one day I may be teaching people how to write? This could be sometime away but we can all dream can’t we?



Ever Wonder How A Story Begins?

First we dig into our brains or we keep a open eye and mind as we are driving. What we are hoping to capture is something to begin or use in our story telling.

As we drove yesterday to to the local Amish Country I noticed a little road side store called Bessey’s Market. Just a little place sitting off the side of the two land road. I asked my wife to grab a paper and pen and write the name down so that I may use it later in a story? We then past another place that I thought would be just as interesting called Lake Side Dinner. I liked the second place because it looked deserted and run down. In my mind flashed a story around this little dinner.

Stories come from all over the place. Even if you are not hoping to one day become a writer. Maybe just jot down some notes about where you have been. This may help your mind grab those memories one day when we begin to forget.

Thanks so much to you who reads this little blog. I know you can go anywhere and get your daily dose on non sense but you decided to share mine with me.

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A Story

A story, at least in writing terms comes first from our minds, then rolls into our fingers and finally transmits to the keyboard and then onto our canvas; which is the paper we print the story to. We all have a million stories in our minds, we just have to find the proper outlet to release them into the World.

I have had my new short story read now by two sets of eyes. It is almost ready to be submitted. Will anything become of the story? Well back to the keyboard.


New Booking Moving Forward

It is funny that I am writing this new book and some how started in the middle of it; somewhere around chapter 3 – 4 maybe? I was working on chapter one last night and when I came down stairs for our TV time I told my wife I was writing chapter one, she responded with I thought you were almost done? And I thought I was until I noticed I never brought the reader into the story.

Now it is once again moving along. I have each of the characters created and now you know a little of their back stories of who they are. I really didn’t want to get to deep with their lives because I don’t want to bore the reader with useless pages.

Just an update, I am sure after I get it more completed I might have a little sample on this site to share with you?


Tomorrow I Turn A Half Century Old

This is my last day in the forties as my wife likes to remind me. Now that I am creeping to the age of 50 it is funny my mind still wants to work and act like I am twenty, but then my body catches up and reminds me that I am not twenty any longer.

So many people mostly older people always tells you that you are still young, or they say if I were as young as you! Really I still feel that fifty is very old. I watch now as our kids are in the work force and finishing their college carriers or starting them. Yes fifty is old!

But I am not letting this older age get me down. I am signed up for new college courses my self and I can’t wait to get started. If you have been reading this blog, you will notice that I am a aspiring writer. I still have my day job, but I have always loved the craft of writing and bringing words together to maybe enhance or just make someone else’s day a little better. I have published Non-Fiction and now I am taking a crack at fiction.

I am also planning on putting a twist on my fiction. I hope you keep up with this blog as I post once in a while.

So am I going to allow fifty to get me down. I don’t think so I think fifty is the new ya FIFTY! I never buy into the crap that fifty is the new twenty or sixty is the new thirty! This is crap! fifty id fifty and your age is your age. As we get older we become very wise.


Writing Fiction

As I said in the last post everyone has a story in them somewhere. We all come from some lace and we all have had some sort of lives little straggles. It seems now that I am learning more about creative writing I see a new story everywhere I go. As I live life now I am opening my mind up to exploring different ideas with each new place we go. Even some of the old places. I thought of a story just the other day while at the mall. Fiction is just that fiction, not true, made up. But remember all of it does not have to be made up. We can use places we visit and things we know to write now stories. In reading Stephen King’s book on writing I found a new way to look around me and I also found that I can write about what I know without writing manuals.

I am working now on a book or maybe a short story is really depends on how it unfolds. I am also attending creative writing classes to attempt to learn even more about the craft of writing. It is of course just as much of a craft as working with wood or welding metal. There is an art to writing and there are rules that are meant to be broken.

The main thing to remember if you are entering into this craft called writing is this; do it for you for the love of writing and telling a story. If you get wrapped up in the thoughts of making money you would be better off learning the craft of wood working or maybe welding?

A final note is to write and write often hence this blog. I try to also work on my book at least every evening writing as much as a scene a evening. If I don’t I think I would loose track of my story all together. Last I downloaded a app for my cell phone that allows my to type thoughts for future stories when ever I am out and about. This will always give me a place or a topic for my next story.