Verizon dropped the ball

Verizon drops the ball big time!

Why was there not thousands of people lining up to get their shinny new IPhone? Well I took some time out of my day and went to the Verizon store to buy a new IPhone. The first question I was asked is their very old aged question that you won’t hear from ATT. The question is “Are you ready for a upgrade”? Upgrade hell this is the IPhone the most wanted item on Verizon for years! I really feel and think that this is why there were no lines. No one is ready to upgrade. If your not the IPhone will cost you as much as a small house in the suburbs. What the hell if you want a new IPhone you should be able to walk in and buy one for the normal prices.

I did however find out that Verizon will still be giving you your $50.00 or $100.00 new every two one more time. This program is going away. So if you want your new IPhone wait until your contract is completely up so that you get this credit to buy some accessories.

So is there a long wait to get this new or old phone? Let’s face it those who really wanted the IPhone have been carrying it for years on the ATT network. Also I found that when a new IPhone is released ATT will allow you to buy it for the normal price no matter if you are ready for a upgrade or not.

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