If you found my sheets hanging around our small town and then you worked to find my site, then Welcome. I am a little disappointed to not having a lot of people signing up to bring DSL to our town. This will work, I don’t care what you were told in the past. I found a way for us to have high speed Internet. And if you checked out the Verizon site you will see it is not the normal add your telephone number, I don’t think anyone reads those. This site was put up because of FCC regulations and the Governor of PA is making them provide DSL to any town that shows they have a need for this type of service.

In talking with a field rep, I found that there is a new fiber optics box right on Cherry Valley – Atlasburg Rd. that verizon refuses to turn on, they feel that we are a town of older coal miners and do not have computers.

In looking at the count I am only seeing 5 of us signed up at this point. We need 50 or 25% of the customers in the town. Most of you know that DSL is in Slovan – Burgettstown – Avella – Hickory, yes it is all around us and I know that most of you are not coal miners as well as a lot of you have children, much like my self and they need High Speed Internet to complete some of their school work.

Call everyone in town you know, stop people on the street and tell them to look at this site or go directly to the site: http://www.jackokorn.com/highspeed

And sign up today, we need everyones help in this fight to put Atlasburg on the Internet map! Thank You

By jokorn

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