Well it has been some time since I talked about getting DSL in Atlasburg. But if you have been hanging in there with my blog hoping for some news on this subject then I have a few updates for you.

If you have been seeing a lot of Verizon trucks in Atlasburg lately this is because they are installing all new phone lines and yes equipment. It turns out from some sources that Verizon has received a GRANT which is really state funds to complete a build out in our area. The catch is that the build must be completed by Dec 31st for them to receive the money from the state.

From my source I found that once these new lines are up and the new gear is turned on, anyone who wants DSL will have FULL access to the service. Yes as far as I can tell this means that we will be able to get the FULL 3 MB line for $29.00 a month or the 768 KB for $14.99 a month.

You might have noticed that you may have been loosing your telephone lines on some days, this is due to the phone technicians changing over the lines.

Well if I get more I will post it here so check back often.

By jokorn

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