This is our new Barracuda backup server. If you work for a company or school and are in control of their network then this message is for you!

I have been using this service ever since if was owned by a little startup called Bit Leap. Bit Leap was a startup not to different then many other these days. A few young men got together and set out to build the best fastest and most reliable backup service they could.

They soon were selling this product and taking you files into the cloud and out of harms way. Now if your businesses building in distroyed for any reason. Your data is safe and you can retreave it from any where.

What a great product. So great that a large known company called Barrcuda bought them and kept all the guys on staff to maintain the product.

Starting at $50.00 for 50 GIGS a month you can’t go wrong with this great backup service.

By jokorn

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