Books, books and even more books. When you read a lot which I tend to do. You will fall into what I call The Next Story. You finish a good book and close the cover you begin to ask yourself what do I want to read next. Or in my mind I ask what kind of story do I want to read now? You could play it safe and pick your next book from the best sellers lists. A lot of people do this because they want to be able to talk about the next great book. Or you can search high and low for a story that you would be interested in, horror, crime, love, mystery. Or you can search Good Reads for a book that everyone is talking about. I did that when I found Girl On The Train. I was not disappointed when I did this. But most times I look for authors that you don’t hear about in everyday mainstream. Some I have read are from brand new authors. So the question is still┬áthere. How do you pick a book that you are going to spend countless hours with? Really I guess I don’t have the answer. Even as I am writing this post I have been searching for a new book to read. I do know one thing. There are more books in print and electronic format today then you will ever have time to read in a life time. And also remember you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. But once you start a new story and it begins slow, don’t toss it aside to quickly. Give the story a chance to unfold and next thing you know you will be wondering once again. What Shall I Read Next?

By jokorn

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