It’s funny to live in PA and see our winter season really just begin in January. Living here all my life I have seen some pretty bad winters and most of the time we begin in early November. But we have been spared the bitter cold of November and December and enjoyed some pretty nice weather. We even had some nice day’s that I pulled the motorcycle out and had some good long rides without freezing my back side off the bike. So I have to wonder now will the cold last longer into the spring? Time will only tell what we might be in for.

Now with all the Christmas decorations put away we all are looking for the return of the birds and the warm sunshine on our faces. I look at our pool out back under it’s winter cover and think of those day’s and warm evening that should be right around the corner. It is sad that the kids didn’t have much snow so far to ride their sleds. But instead they have been riding their new Christmas bikes. I guess they were just as happy either way. We all shall wait now and watch, taking sometime to shine up our motorcycles and get ready for the warmer weather to return.

By jokorn

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