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Amazon Prime More Then Free Shipping

Amazon Prime

It’s funny that people today pay for something and don’t even know what they are really getting for their money. This is why I wanted to bring you a little insight into Amazon Prime. When I ask anyone if they have Amazon Prime they say, yes I love the free shipping. Then I tell them that they get more then just free shipping they always ask what? I have to admit when I first signed up for Amazon Prime I thought it was only free shipping also but then I did a little digging.

First is something I use every time I sit at a computer. Amazon streaming music service What is the streaming music service? If you ever used Pandora and thought it would be better without all the commercials, you will love Amazon’s streaming music service. It is just song after song. You can still create your own stations and play lists. You can also choose from many stations already created. And best of all no commercials and it is included with your prime membership. There is an app for about every device you own.

Do you have a Nexflix account? If you are like many people today you would say yes. Well if you have Amazon Prime you also get their streaming movie service. There is a lot of free movie content and some Amazon only features that you will find on their service. I have to admit it is not as good as Netflix. I think it is still very young and needs some work on the free content. There is however a lot of new movies available for rent on the service. One misconception with this service is that you need an Amazon Fire Stick to watch the content. You can watch on your computer, tablet or Apple TV and even Roku box.

The final information I want to give to you about Amazon Prime is not everything for sell on Amazon is included in the free shipping. Make sure you watch when you are buying anything that is says PRIME. If not you might be buying from someone who is going to charge you for shipping. And if you don’t have Prime you might want to wait until the Christmas season. It seems to me that they always have a special price to get you started.

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New Barracuda Backup Server


This is our new Barracuda backup server. If you work for a company or school and are in control of their network then this message is for you!

I have been using this service ever since if was owned by a little startup called Bit Leap. Bit Leap was a startup not to different then many other these days. A few young men got together and set out to build the best fastest and most reliable backup service they could.

They soon were selling this product and taking you files into the cloud and out of harms way. Now if your businesses building in distroyed for any reason. Your data is safe and you can retreave it from any where.

What a great product. So great that a large known company called Barrcuda bought them and kept all the guys on staff to maintain the product.

Starting at $50.00 for 50 GIGS a month you can’t go wrong with this great backup service.