Upgrading Computers with SSD Drives

SSD Drives

Upgrading a computer from the old spinning hard drives to a new SSD will make your computer faster. With no spinning disks, the computer will be able to seek your applications and data so much faster. I have also found that this will add new life to your computer and you will get a few more years out of an aging PC.

We have been seeing hard drive failures over the past few months. This makes sense because all of the computers were purchased around the same time. Replacing a drive is a simple process and you should also re-install everything onto the new drive. I never like cloning the drive because you will most likely be pulling over old information that was making your computer run slow in the first place.

One thing to look out for is the connectors for the hard drives. I hope by now that you have SATA cables in your computer. If you have the older cables you can buy adapters to convert the connectors to the new SATA style. Remember to check first before you buy your new SSD drives so you can order connectors if you need them. If you want to upgrade your computer and you are not sure how to do this please reach out to me and I will be able to help.


Setting Up New iMacs



At work, I am responsible for all of our Apple products from iPads to iMacs as well as all Mac Laptops. On top of this, I am also responsible for all security cameras and recording devices. I am also the Software Engineer which mean I take care of all of the databases and client software for well over 5000 devices.

We were lucky enough to get new 21″ iMacs. I am working to get all of them set up exactly the same way. By doing this I know that when each user sits down to work on these devices they will all have the same experience.

If you are looking for a new computer for your house I would have to suggest an Apple Mac. The operating system and the software are the most stable that you can get. And if you need help learning or just setting it up please reach out to me.


College Courses Changed Forever

Online Courses

I am once again deep into my college courses. As I talked about in my last post that colleges now offer online course work you can go back to school even if you are working full time. Pictured above is my class room in my kitchen. I don’t have to go out and get in my car and fight traffic to get to a classroom. I can open an iPad and read my course work where ever I may be. I then use a laptop and EverNote to take my notes and write my papers and projects to submit to the professor. I find myself at times doing course work early in the morning or late into the evening. Attending online classes allow me to work on my free time without fighting to make a class on time. I must say this type of learning does take dedication and devotion to learning. You are still giving up your time to attend but it’s on your time. I spoke with a high school teacher the other day and she feels that in another 20 years there will be no more brink and mortar schools? I disagree. I told her when you are young you need the structure that the classroom provides. I have heard of many young people trying online learning and felling because they can’t give up their free time on their own. Not to say that this is everyone. We did go to a graduation party where the young girl completed her high school requirements using a Cyber School. Online learning works for me, but if you are not sure look at your life style and that will dictate which type of learning you should choose.


The First IMac

I am not sure now that Steve Jobs invented the first IMac? In cleaning out some old technology at the school we came across this little old learning aid.

Although it is not a real computer I think this is where old Steve got the design from? And I thought it was designed by a group at Apple? It is fun to come across old technology! What can you find around your office?

The First IMac


Great time at Pirate Game

OKay let me start buy saying we lost 6-4 but it was a hell of a game! I also got to spend it with my wife and son for a peaceful night out in the Burgh! There are a few bitches I have about the park. One is that to park you will pay more then the ticket price. And two for what one beer will cost you you can buy a 6 pack. And three there should be some sort of retractable roof over every seat in the place. Other then that we had a great time and plan on going back one day.

PNC Park





















Leslie Fisher #ISTE11

The room is filling up with attendees waiting for Leslie Fisher to begin. I first saw Leslie in Washington DC and ISTE09. Leslie bring great energy to any stage. She also brings her years of Apple and IPhone expertise along with her.

Leslie Fisher
Rock Melt

Google Voice



Event Brite

Type With Me

Ever Note

Live Scribe



Sony NEX
Sony cybershot HX5V

Smug Mug

Neat Co

Good Reader for IOS

Sound Notes for IOS

IPad Cases

Thanks to Leslie for another great lesson in tech!



Did Verizon Drop the Ball on the IPhone?

Verizon dropped the ball


Verizon drops the ball big time!

Why was there not thousands of people lining up to get their shinny new IPhone? Well I took some time out of my day and went to the Verizon store to buy a new IPhone. The first question I was asked is their very old aged question that you won’t hear from ATT. The question is “Are you ready for a upgrade”? Upgrade hell this is the IPhone the most wanted item on Verizon for years! I really feel and think that this is why there were no lines. No one is ready to upgrade. If your not the IPhone will cost you as much as a small house in the suburbs. What the hell if you want a new IPhone you should be able to walk in and buy one for the normal prices.

I did however find out that Verizon will still be giving you your $50.00 or $100.00 new every two one more time. This program is going away. So if you want your new IPhone wait until your contract is completely up so that you get this credit to buy some accessories.

So is there a long wait to get this new or old phone? Let’s face it those who really wanted the IPhone have been carrying it for years on the ATT network. Also I found that when a new IPhone is released ATT will allow you to buy it for the normal price no matter if you are ready for a upgrade or not.


Social Networking The Movie

My wife and I went to see Social Networking last night. My wife is not a techie and has no real desire to have a Facebook account but she wanted to see this movie to see what makes someone like this young man tick?

Without giving much of the movie away we did find out the money is the very form of greed. Now we all know that Hollywood does like to add a lot of drama into a movie this is just what will make people come out and see it. But at the end of the day there were a few people that really gained and lost in the wake of Facebook.

My wife stated that the movie portrayed all techies as being drunks where they show a lot of scenes where the programmers are sitting working on code and drinking.

My take on this movie is that you have a young man who was searching for a way to reach out and gain some friends. This is a very smart young man who I would guess spent his young life living in books and not really taking the time to be a kid this is when we make some of our life long friend relationships.

So by the end of the movie did I want to go home a log off of Facebook for the last time? No I saw the movie as explaining a business that was started by a young man who may or may not have stole the idea from another group of young men. But this is the same way many great companies have been started. Have you ever heard of Microsoft? Take some time some weekend and watch a movie called Pirates of Silicon Valley. Someone once said sometime the idea for great art is not the creator he may have stole the idea from someone else.

What makes a billionaire is not who comes up with the next big thing it is who can delivery it first to the target audience.

There have been many great ideas and many people who have created these ideas but just didn’t know how to deliverer them. So someone comes along with the talent and the drive to run with the idea. I think that is what this movie shows.

So ending this thought I would say that you should go see this movie and I hope you leave thinking that you too can come up with the next big thing. I only hope that you keep it to your self and work hard to delivery it to the target you wish to effect the most.

I would also like to hear your take from the movie and what you have taken away from it. Since this is going out over the social network Twitter I would hope you become a follower of mine.

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