This little device has a BIG future. It is a ereader as well as a computer using the new Android OS. We even comparded it to a Google phone and the interface looks just like the phone.

I have been playing with this device for about a month now and find it very reliable and works well on any wireless.

I would have to say the book store is a little if not a lot more expensive then either Amazon or Barns and Nobel. But you do have the option of loading pdf files to the device and reading them on the e-ink side.

There is another issue I did find with the device is that like most mobile platforms is does not have flash which make watching You Tube impossible.

The reader is a little slow to turn pages as noticed by some of the people at work. And the note book take a little to get use to.

One great note her is that the company is always upgrading the device and updating the software via a FREE update service.

Over all you get a lot more from this device then you would the Kindle or the Nook. And the cost is in alignment with the other devices.

Please check back and as I learn even more about this device I will pass them a long to you.

By jokorn

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