The Five Day Work Week

5 Day Work Week

When you sit down at the computer to write a blog post and you are not sure what you are going to write about a thought just pops into your head. Today mine was how did the 5 days work week start?

It turns out the Henry Ford started this in observance to the Jewish Sabbath with begins on sundown Friday evening and lasts until sundown Saturday. Henry Ford felt it was the right thing to do was to close his plants until Monday morning allowing Christians to attend church on Sunday’s.

In 1978 this all changed when Spoa’s on Spring Avenue stayed open on Sunday’s and nothing happened to them. Even earlier in 1970 stores started keeping their doors open on Saturday’s.

I can still remember when I was young you could not buy anything on Saturday or Sunday’s until the malls starting opening in our town. This changing the normal 5 day work week to more of a 7 day work week. Still, most people work 5 days a week it is just now that 5 days can be broke up anyway.

My final thought is that medical personnel have always worked any day of a 7 day week. Which makes sense because there are always people needing their care.


Moms Are So Important

Moms are so important to our everyday lives. I was checking my phone tonight and seen that my mom called. Normally I am the person calling my mom so it was a joy to see that she called me for a change.

I was a single dad for some years with my daughter. But I have always felt that moms are the ones that enable us to be who we are. I don’t know if it is because we are born from our mother or if they just understand us a little better than our dads?

But for me I know that anytime and for any reason I can call or visit my mom she knows what to say to make things better. But I loved my dad. Don’t get me wrong dads are just as important just in different ways.

At the end of the day both parents will help to shape your live either for the better or worse? But I always tell my kids we have two parents and they also have step-parents which can also effect our lives in many ways.

The most important thing I can tell you is that if you ever become a parent is be the best you can be. There are no books on what you should do with your kids. From my point at least be there when they need to talk to you.


Programming for IOS

X Code

I have always wanted to start programming for IOS for both the iPhone and the iPad. I have plans designed to take some if not all business from some Pittsburgh based companies. I have always wanted to design this system I am working on and I figure if I can build the right team this will be a great part-time work. I still really enjoy where I am working now and I work for a great company. But it is time to take this project to the masses. First I have to learn more about programming using Xcode.

I have been a Visual Basic as well as a PHP programmer for years now. For this project I am working on it will require the use of the iPad. If you are reading this and you feel you would like to be a part of this start-up please get in touch with me.


Happy At Your Job

I have had a few chances and people calling me with job offers over the past few years. I have also had companies miss out on what could have been their best catch since sliced bread. But I have to tell you one thing. I am happy to get up and go to work each day. The School District and the teachers and staff I get to work with are some of the best in the business. And the other techs I have the privilege to work with are the best in the business.

Now let’s talk about the company I work for. I work for one of the fastest growing Fortune 500 Companies in Pittsburgh Pa. I was very happy when I was selected to come into this growing company. You always feel like you are treated like family.

So the next time you wake up and get a shower and get into your car will you be Happy to go to work? If not keep looking one day you will find a job like I have found.


Date Night and The Movies

Date Night

Date night or date day depending on when you are heading out with your loved one. My wife and I wanted to spend a nice time out with each other. We wanted to see the new movie The Bull with Clint Eastwood. Seems simple enough. But there was a glitch in our little time together.

We arrived at the movie theater (Cinemark). Seemed simple enough to us we did as many of you would do we went to the theater and went up to the window to buy our tickets. We normally would use the Kiosk which used to be outside and one more inside. (They were removed!). So when we made it through the long line to the ticket counter the man asked us for our confirmation number? Or you phone ticket? We said we just wanted to buy a ticket to see the movie. I asked which seats were available? When the young man showed us the screen the only seats that were open was the one right under the screen really dumb to sit with your neck bent looking up at a screen. I asked why they took the Kiosk out and he said you have to now pre-buy online only. So we left and returned to the car. My wife looked up the ticket sales on her phone and we found what they are doing. If you buy your tickets online they are getting an extra $2.00 per seat. So an $8.00 ticket now will cost you $10.00. This kind of practice is exactly why people would rather stay home and watch NetFlix. I can see a lot of older people where most of the movie theater income comes from soon disappearing. It would be hard for them to order tickets on their flip phones!

We went out to dinner and had a nice time chatting. We then decided to stop at a Red Box and rent two movies for only $4.00 and went home and watched them together. Funny thing is we still had popcorn (Homemade) and FREE refills on our drinks along with a couple adult beverages. Movie theaters are quickly becoming a thing of the past. I for one really would not care if they closed them all do to this PRICE GOUGING of the very people who once paid their bills.


Web Site Security

Web Security

Web Site Security is something anyone with a website need to be aware of. Trying to harden your site is not an easy task as I have been learning throughout this long morning of working on my own site.

First when you find a hosting company look over their end user agreements and see what they offer on their back end to keep your site safe and secure.

My first word of advice to you is as your site grows and becomes more popular keep finding new ways of locking it down. Most hackers will not dig to deep into your site if there are not many people visiting it. It pays to look for numbers when you are looking to infect machines on the Internet.

My best word of advice is to do a Google search and find people on the Internet that will teach you steps to help you make a safer and more secure site.


The Meaning of Christmas


I think with all of the retail chains in the World pushing the Christmas Season to the early part of October we are beginning to lose the true meaning of Christmas. I often sit and wonder how many children only think of Christmas as a day they receive gifts? We as a nation have somehow pushed the true meaning of Christmas out of our houses and away from our young people’s way of thinking about this Holiday.

When I was younger I remember that we would spend sometime at our church giving thanks for Christ. We gave thanks for the new beginning and for a special person who was born onto this earth to help save us from our own sins. Now don’t get me confused with some kind of guy who pushes religion onto people. I just think it is important to keep passing down the message and the real reason the we celebrate Christmas.

Even the act of giving is a sign of someone giving to us a better way of life. We see many of our local churches closing their doors because the attendance is so low. And I know we don’t have to go to church to pray if this were the case we would all be packing the churches every night before bed time.

So this Holiday time over Christmas sit down with a book with pictures and talk to your young children about the true meaning of Christmas and maybe just maybe they will pass it along to your grandchildren?

Merry Christmas to all and to all and Good Night!


Reading A Great Pass Time

Stack of Books

Reading is a great way to pass the time and keep your mind fresh and active. As you can see from the home page here I do set up a reading challenge using Good Reads every year. My reason for doing this is not so much to speed my way to my goal but to keep me reading in more of a constant pace. Think of reading as a movie that was never and most likely will never be made from the book you are reading. It is just great to have some alone time and wrap yourself into a book. Written words can bring to life a part of media that you can explore on your own. What I like the most is that I never have to fast forward over a commercial.

Start your kids off reading at an early age. Even when they are too young to read on their own read to them and show them pictures in the book. Another good step to get your children to read it to have them see you reading. Hand your child a book when you sit in your favorite reading chair and cut of some time of the day that you and your child read.

Read what you like. I normally lean towards crime novels or horror if I can find a good one that is. I have also found a couple good title of science fiction that I have not tried yet but feel it will expend my reading and make me think a little more about what might be out there.

I hear too often that someone does not have time to read. If you have time to watch series after series on TV or you binge watch Net Flix then you have time to read a good book or two. I hope this post inspires you to find a good book open it up and read. Check out My Books at the top of this page and read the story of Random Numbers.


Getting Relocated

Something New

Working for a larger company that has many locations is rewarding. I have been working in a school district for the past two years. Like you working where you work we build many connections with the people who work for that company or school. We also start to build our skills on whatever it is you do. And when you work for a company with many locations they may find you a position that fit your new skill set. This is when you may be relocated to a larger location where your skills are needed.

So after two years, I find myself moving to a larger location with more opportunities. What is really nice is that I still work for the same parent company. So what can I say about working for an outsourcing company? Well working for an outsourcing company allows your talents to grow. If for any reason one location closes down you will not find yourself out of work giving the fact that you can be moved to another location that the company services.

I have to say I am a little nervous leaving those relationships that have been built over the past two years. But I am confident that my skill will enable me to fit into a new team and provide my technical services to a larger group of people who need them. So as I sit here this morning getting ready for this new chapter I am looking forward to building new relationships and friends working in a new location.


Cursed City

Cursed City

I normally do not pick up new authors to read especially when they are writing a series. But I can say I am glad that I read Cursed City. This book will pull you into the world of the supernatural. We all know that there are demons in the world. This story will take you into the life of a demon hunter. And what do you do when a demon kills your parents? Well, you set out to find and kill a demon. I would recommend that you start this new series and together we will see where this author takes us? (Completed: May 18, 2018)

Author: William Massa