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You can’t fight stupid? My quote of the day. I need to fit this in to my next novel?

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I am researching for a new novel I am working on. I wanted to find out how many famous people in life who have built and shaped this nation and who have never went to college.

Autodidactic: This is a word that college’s will not teach you. Because they don’t want you to know that you can learn on your own? This is a great path for those men and women that are dedicated to a topic or skill and want to know everything possible about it. These people have a drive to learn it on their own. In their own time and with no expense to them or their families.

Two of the most famous people in recent times that did not complete college is: William Gates (Microsoft Owner and Founder) and Steve Jobs (Co-Founder and CEO past of Apple.)

In doing my research I found many, yes many more who have taught themselves what ever expertise they desired. This is a great way to learn, because instead of opening their wallets, they just open a book.

Here is more information that I used for my research on autodidactic. CLICK HERE.


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First Book Now In Six Languages

It is wonderful for me to see how far my latest book / short story is reaching out. Now covering six different countries. I had one email that asked me how I typed all of those different languages. I would be some kind of author if I could pull that off.

The truth is that our publishers take care of this work for us. This is why the publishers are so valued in the writing circles.

You can still pick up a copy of my latest book for only $1.99 in Kindle format. If you don’t have a Kindle search you smart phone of tablet for the Kindle app and then you can access my book.

To buy the book please visit here: Buy A Remembered Day


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A Remembered Day

I am happy to announce that my first book is published and available on Amazon for the Kindle only. I published this story as an e-book.

This is a short story and gives you a look into the life of a devoted father and and loving husband. I hope you enjoy the book and please let me know in the comment section.

To buy the book please visit here: Buy A Remembered Day



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Writing A New Book

Writing fiction is something I have always wanted to do. Now having my first book in the publishing stage I have began pounding away and my new short story. I would love to write a full novel but it seems to me that I tend to rush my stories and push them to the end to quick.

I don’t really enjoy writing filler as much as I enjoy telling the story. I enjoy writing books more as short stories. These stories are focused on ten to twelve chapters. I hope to capture the many people in life that I hear from that always have these statements. I have no time to read or books take to long to get through.

I will be posting soon my first published book in the hopes that you will pick up a copy.



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Starbucks Coffee

I never in my life time thought I would see so many people buy so much coffee for such high prices. But they just keep coming in the door as I sit here.


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Ground Hogs Predict Weather?

Who would have ever thought that a ground hog could predict weather? How could he know how many more weeks of winter we really have? And who was the first person that held this little guy up to see if there was a shadow?

My wife says it is a town that just wants to have a little fun. There is really no science that goes into Phil the ground hog. I have to agree with her. I see a town of people that had cabin fever for being indoors all winter and they wanted something fun to do. They went out and seen a ground hog, grabbed him and held him up and yelled “Ground Hog Day!”

In the end does it really matter? It is nice to see people get together in large groups and just have a good time.


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Dinner Was A Smash

Last nights dinner was a hit. Once you get your meat cooked. Use a fork and pull the meat apart, leaving all of the onions, peppers and garlic where it is. Don’t worry it all cooks down and your family won’t even know they are in the meat.

Put all of the meat into a bowl. When you are ready for you meal. Take a little meat out and toss it into a skillet over low heat. Pour in the A1 steak sauce and toss the meat around until warm. Sprinkle a little cheese of your choice over the meat, I covered the skillet until the cheese is melted.

Take the meat and melted goodness out of the skillet and place it onto a long bun. Once done it looks like a Cheese Steak.


Meat Cooking In Oven


Meat In The Skillet with Cheese.


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Cooking from Scratch

If there is anything that I have found just as rewarding as technology or writing it is cooking. I enjoy coming up with dishes that makes my family wonder what I am up to. Normally they come out decent and sometimes even really great! Take my homemade pierogi’s! Or my homemade noodles which for the first time ever making them they turned out great.

Today I am working on a new dish that I am not sure of but I hope it turns out? Especially after my wife paid her hard earned cash on the roast. But I am not thinking roast. Anyway here is today’s recipe.

  • One Beef Roast about 2-4 pounds should work
  • 6 cloves of garlic cut in half
  • Banana Peppers
  • 1 large onion cut up to slices
  • Season Salt
  • One bottle Italian dressing
  • Little cooking wine
  • Water
  • Take your roast and place it into a large baking pan.
  • Sprinkle your season salt onto the roast and rub it in.
  • Cut slits all over the roast and plug the holes with the garlic.
  • Toss all of your onions all over the roast.
  • Cover with a few Banana Peppers
  • Empty you bottle of Italian dress over and around the roast.
  • Pour a little cooking wine over the roast and the dressing.
  • Put enough water in the pan up to the sides on the roast. This is mainly to create a steaming effect.
  • Cover the baking pan with foil.
  • Turn your over on 350, we are going for the low and slow effect. Baking time will be until the meat falls apart.
  • My final plan is to break all of the roast up and place some onto a hoagie bun and sprinkle a little A1 onto the sandwich.______________________________________________________________________

I will serve this up with maybe some fries and a red wine for the drink.

I will let you know in my next post how it worked out and if the family likes it or not. I will also post some pictures so you can see the finished dish. ENJOY!

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First Short Story Submitted

My first short story has been submitted for publication. It is also entered into a contest. I am writing mainly fiction but also write daily on my Tech Blog non-fiction.

Writing daily keeps my fingers on the keyboard and keep you mind pumping out words. This in turn keeps your thoughts churning away.

I am still taking more creative writing classes, building my credits one at a time. I figure all I have left is time and I never know how much. I might as well do something that I have always wanted to do.

I also love to teach. Maybe one day I may be teaching people how to write? This could be sometime away but we can all dream can’t we?