Was I Hacked Or Not?


If you tried to visit my site over the past few days it might have been down? I was e-mailed from my hosting company and they told me they found a virus on my site. They really didn’t have the time to fix the site. I was out of town at a conference. When I did have sometime to look at the site I found it down. I don’t know how long it was off line.

Once I got home I was able to dig into the issue. I was able to re-upload the entire word press blogging site. Once I did that the site came back to life. I feel very lucky.

I can say I am still not sure of what happened. I think that their virus scanners caught an old file and flagged it. One thing that is good I have no one who logs into this site. There are no members to worry about. The main thing is the site is back up and the reviews will once again be live.


What To Read Next


Books, books and even more books. When you read a lot which I tend to do. You will fall into what I call The Next Story. You finish a good book and close the cover you begin to ask yourself what do I want to read next. Or in my mind I ask what kind of story do I want to read now? You could play it safe and pick your next book from the best sellers lists. A lot of people do this because they want to be able to talk about the next great book. Or you can search high and low for a story that you would be interested in, horror, crime, love, mystery. Or you can search Good Reads for a book that everyone is talking about. I did that when I found Girl On The Train. I was not disappointed when I did this. But most times I look for authors that you don’t hear about in everyday mainstream. Some I have read are from brand new authors. So the question is stillĀ there. How do you pick a book that you are going to spend countless hours with? Really I guess I don’t have the answer. Even as I am writing this post I have been searching for a new book to read. I do know one thing. There are more books in print and electronic format today then you will ever have time to read in a life time. And also remember you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. But once you start a new story and it begins slow, don’t toss it aside to quickly. Give the story a chance to unfold and next thing you know you will be wondering once again. What Shall I Read Next?


Winter Coming Late This Year

It’s funny to live in PA and see our winter season really just begin in January. Living here all my life I have seen some pretty bad winters and most of the time we begin in early November. But we have been spared the bitter cold of November and December and enjoyed some pretty nice weather. We even had some nice day’s that I pulled the motorcycle out and had some good long rides without freezing my back side off the bike. So I have to wonder now will the cold last longer into the spring? Time will only tell what we might be in for.

Now with all the Christmas decorations put away we all are looking for the return of the birds and the warm sunshine on our faces. I look at our pool out back under it’s winter cover and think of those day’s and warm evening that should be right around the corner. It is sad that the kids didn’t have much snow so far to ride their sleds. But instead they have been riding their new Christmas bikes. I guess they were just as happy either way. We all shall wait now and watch, taking sometime to shine up our motorcycles and get ready for the warmer weather to return.


Summer Fun Comes To An End

Summer time is a great time of the year. Except for mowing the lawn but jumping into the pool after you get done is a treat. But all good things must come to an end. Now we are getting ready to close our pool and put the mower away for the year. Soon we will be getting the snow shovel out and working on clearing our walks and driveways. Being born and raised here I always hear people say they love the changing of the seasons? Really? But as I get older I often think it would be nice to live somewhere where it is always 70 – 80 degrees. You can always come back and visit the home land. Well I will end this post by saying, get your coats out the bad weather will be here soon enough.


Fall Weather WHAT?

I was sitting here and I looked at this blog and found that the last post was talking about spring time. Now as I sit in my kitchen I can feel the cool air coming through the window. It seems that we are now going right into fall. Where has the summer gone? You walk into any store and you will find Halloween candy ready to be purchased and fall decorations. It seems that the stores control the weather that we all must live with. I for one don’t think I am ready to put my motorcycle away and pull out the winter clothes but I guess that is how life goes when you live in PA. The one thing colder weather brings is more time in the house working on my novel and reading more. Well I hope my next post is not talking about spring again. I keep saying I will vow to write more on this blog but in the end who really reads it but me? Check back and we will see what this mind will release the next time.


Spring is HERE!

Well as the weather outside is getting warmer and you can hear the bird chirping. The only draw back in April is all of the rain. It seems like everyday bring more rain and more wind. I guess the only way for the flowers to grow and the trees to begin to bud is to give them plenty of water? I was just telling my daughter the other day that we will be soon complaining because it is to hot outside. I bet you never thought you would say that in the middle of those -12 degree days we were having? It will be nice again to get out and get into the swimming pools and get the bikes back out onto the trails. It will also be nice again to just sit out on the porch swing and feel the warm air. I hope everyone is having a enjoyable spring. And have a Happy Easter!


Another Year Another Season

As the months pass us by we see changes in the seasons. Now with the cold weather settling in all around us we tend to retreat into our homes and begin to crank the heat up. When we have to run to the store, we rush out and start our vehicles to warm them up before we head to our destination. Maybe when the cold weather began to settle in you brought some more fire wood into the house for the fireplace?


Why am I bringing up all of our joys of the winter season? It’s very simple.


There are many people who I have seen living on the streets and sleeping in a box or maybe just under a blanket. Many people walk right by them and say things like, get a job, I work why don’t you? The truth is that many of these people would love to have a job. What I am asking with this post. No matter where you live you will find someone who is down on their luck. Take the money that you would use for one Christmas gift and give the money to a homeless shelter. Or you could simply walk up to a homeless person and reach out your hand and give them the money. When you do say, “Merry Christmas”.


Homemade Pasta Sauce

I wanted to share with you the reader how I make my homemade pasta sauce. A lot of people have been asking me for this recipe so I thought I would share it with pictures.


Ground Beef

First brown your ground beef. I like to use 90/10. If you want to make a leaner sauce you could use ground turkey.


Set out your spices. Italian Seasoning, Garlic Powder, Season All.


Dice up fresh peppers and onions.


Use minced garlic. Unless you want to dice it up on your own, but this is easier.


Cover the beef with the diced peppers and onions and 2 table spoons of the minced garlic.


Mix all of theĀ peppers, onions and garlic into the meat. Let it cook until all of them are tender.


Tomato sauce. Use 2 can for a pound of meat. Here I am using 3 cans here for 1 1/2 pounds.


Pour all of your sauce into and over the meat. Make sure all of the meat is browned.


Fold in the peppers, onions and garlic into the sauce. Turn your heat down to low.


Cover the top of the sauce once again with the Italian Seasoning. Mix it into the sauce.


This is the correct way your sauce should look. Let it cook down until it is hot through the sauce.

This sauce is easy to make and takes no time at all. It is 100% better then any jar sauce you will find in any store. When we make it we like to put some into freezer bags and freeze it for another evening of dinner.

One last note: When you are cooking your pasta add a little olive oil. This will prevent the pasta from sticking together.

If you try this and enjoy it please comment back. I really enjoy cooking and hope to bring more easy to make meals to all who read this blog.


Pool Closed


Closed the pool today. Sad to see summer ending but fall is a great time of the year. Soon the kids will be yelling trick or treat and will be coming for their candy. Then we will be hanging Christmas lights and shopping. We will be digging out of the snow and waiting once again for that special summer feeling!


A Day In The City

I know I have not posted in sometime. I have been busy working on some new ideas for my photography shows. With the fall season approaching it is almost time to begin a new season of shows.

I spent the day yesterday with my wife in the city. Where else can you get great seafood then Wholey’s in the strip. We were also able to pick up some baby back ribs for a future dinner. I took my camera and was able to grab some shots as we walked the strip. I will be using these in future photography shows to attempt to help others with their photography skills and editing.

Thanks for tuning into the blog and I hope to bring more posts and try to stay more consistent with bringing you more updates.