Well the whole parenting thing is moving on. I am almost 50 and some days I don’t know how my parents did it?

I did get a call today for senior pictures this weekend it is suppose to be nice out and should be a good day for shooting. This time of year we don’t get a lot of calls for photography work.

Well the new IMAC is in a work and we did get that setup today and the media department was over joyed. It is a great feeling to give the students great technology to work with.

Next out 2011-2012 PIMS data may soon be corrected now that I know what the state is looking for. All of our calendars are ready and I requested a new opening for my uploads.

Last thing today we went to visit my dads girl friends at my dads old apartment he passed away in late October. Sitting there at his old apartment I just felt that he would be walking out of the bathroom? But of course that never happened. I truly miss my father everyday. My mother says it get easier over time and I am sure it does but it still can never fill the hole in your heart when someone is missing from your family? But Linda was in good spirits and says she is lonely as I am sure she is. All they had for a long time was each other. She does have friends in her building to keep her company and that is a god send.

Well I said this is going to be my daily thoughts of 2013 and with this post I am sure you can see this to be the case. I also want to post some pictures and show a little bit of where I have been over the course of this year. We shall see I have been posting my 365 check the tabs at the top of the page.

Thanks for reading and sharing my daily life with me. Please drop me a comment and let me hear from you.

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