Today was one of those days that I was working doing my thing trying to get my PIMS data uploaded. In the middle of working on the files PDE shut off my data uploads and will not accept my changes. After calling I found that they are using the bad data for something? I shall try again soon.

Tonight my daughter and I went to her school to watch a basketball game between her school and the one I work for. Her school won, I was really pulling for both because of my connection to both schools.

On the ride home I asked my daughter if she could get her shower earlier and she told me to STOP RUNNING HER LIFE! I was like what the HELL did I say? Then over this conversion I was told that she respects her mother more then me? I must be a BAD parent maybe one of the worst that ever lived? Really I raised her for years as a single parent doing without so I can give it to her then I get treated like SHIT all the time? Maybe she just enjoys kicking my teeth in or maybe I should have beat her ASS more growing up to have her respect me? I would have never told my parents this because I loved them to much. I am afraid we have another year until she graduates and then I don’t think I will ever see her again? She will move into her moms and maybe run off and get married and have kids and the one that stuck beside her will be left on the side of the road. Maybe by then I shall be passed on and won’t have to worry about seeing any of this come true.

Well that’s enough Jack downer for the day I even feel bad writing it. Time to move on with my next day, can’t be any worse!


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